Control Rods

When it comes to Control Rod and Structural Rod Assemblies, LeFiell leads all other competitors in swaging and assembly experience. Since 1930, LeFiell has produced a myriad of Rod Assemblies for Commercial Aircraft, Space, and Defense. From simple Stow Bin Rods to complex load-bearing Rods, LeFiell has the experience and Engineering expertise to help you achieve your design and cost goals. Whether it's Produce-to-Drawing or LeFiell-designed, you can rely on LeFiell's experience and expertise.

Torque Tubes

LeFiell has a unique combination of capabilities that provide industry-leading solutions for Torque Tubes commonly used in aircraft passenger door and cargo door applications. They are usually made from CRES or titanium bars requiring high strength and stable properties and require very precise finish OD/ID tolerances and straightness for close fit and function to meet the exacting standards of our aircraft structure customers. The parts can be very long and often have specialized surface treatments applied such as Passivation, CAD Plating, and various primers and paint. They transmit rotating power within the complex and precisely assembled mechanical mechanisms and must operate smoothly without failure for many years. LeFiell employs a combination of capabilities such as Gundrilling, Honing, Roll-Flo®, Close Tolerance Turning, Boring, Straightening, and Thermal Treatments to achieve very demanding tolerances. LeFiell's industry-leading supplier partners provide the specialized coatings required for our finished goods.

Complex Assemblies

Through its 90 years of business, LeFiell has progressively evolved from a basic metallic tubular product manufacturer designing and manufacturing individual parts and assemblies to being responsible for major assembly programs for the aerospace industry. Some of our complex assembly products have over 100 component parts. LeFiell has been building upon its core competencies in tubular product manufacturing, design, engineering, programming, program management, supplier management, integration, and final assembly while meeting the highest quality systems standards in the aerospace industry to successfully deliver complex assemblies to our customers on time every time.

Over 90 Years Experience allows us to combine our most successful processes in conjunction with new innovative methods