Engine Shafts

Since the late 1960s, LeFiell Manufacturing Company has been producing Flight Critical Rotating Shaft machined forgings. We understand the critical nature of these products, and we ensure that every process is nuanced to produce shafts that are certified as Flight Critical Rotating Shaft quality.

Braces/Struts/Thrust Links

"Monolithic (no welds or fasteners)", "End-to-End Grainflow", and "Optimized Weight Reduction" - these are the phrases that best describe the characteristics of Nacelle Struts, Braces, and Thrust Links produced by LeFiell and more importantly, what is expected by our customers. Whether it's Aluminum 7075, 15-5pH, or 718 Inco materials, LeFiell is in a class of its own in designing and producing Struts, Braces, and Thrust Links with these characteristics.

Missile Cases

LeFiell has played a vital role in the defense industry with many of its metallic tubular products. Of special note is our ability to manufacture missile cases and guided munitions cases in a wide variety of size configurations from aluminum and steel alloys. LeFiell has a long history in a number of heritage programs and is actively working on participating in current programs critical to our nation’s defense. Modern missile cases must be lightweight, strong, and designed with close tolerances. Our high-speed 5-axis Mill-Turn CNC machines can mass produce this type of product at competitive rates. If unique shapes are required our Gundrilling, Forming, Swaging, cleaning, and treating process capabilities can enable “one-stop” customer solutions and turnkey product development.

Over 90 Years Experience allows us to combine our most successful processes in conjunction with new innovative methods