Coolant Tubes

LeFiell engineering and manufacturing capabilities have been serving the propulsion industries for almost as long as the commercial and military aircraft industries. During the early years of the US Space Programs NASA sought suppliers with unique capabilities to further our nation’s goals for manned space launches and exploration. LeFiell designed built and patented the first Roto-draw® machines used for tube tapering and shaping for rocket engine combustion chamber coolant tubes used on the USA rocket engines powering the Saturn, Atlas, Delta, Space Shuttle vehicles and our future Space Launch System (SLS) under development today. LeFiell is also the only qualified supplier of combustion chamber coolant tubes used in the rocket engines powering the new SLS manned spacecraft and Japanese H2A, H2B, and now the new H3 rocket.

APU Rods

APU Rods and APU Strut Assemblies are made from corrosion-resistant steel and designed to operate in high temperature, high vibration, and high stress operating environments. LeFiell manufactures lightweight Rods and Rod Assemblies that provide unique, cost-effective, and high-strength solutions in such dynamic environments. They utilize the many special manufacturing processes LeFiell possesses in a single facility such as Gundrilling, Roll-Flo®, Flattening, Swaging, CNC Machining, bearing installation, and higher level, more complex Assembly skills.

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