Aerospace & Defense

Since World War II and the dawn of the Space Age LeFiell has provided highly engineered solutions to the aerospace and defense industries.  Our products were used on many aircraft, engines, missiles, and space launch vehicles essential to the nation’s defense.  For example, our tubular products are found on B-52, KC-135 Tanker, B1 Bomber, C-17, and F-16 Engines.  More recently LeFiell has become a long-term partner supplying SCD Tie Rods and complex mission-critical systems tubular assemblies on the P8 Maritime Surveillance aircraft.  LeFiell manufactures flight critical control links for the Chinook Helicopter Program.  Many LeFiell products such as Braces, Links Tie Rods, Control Rods, and Torque Tubes are components of the structures and systems of the new KC-46A Pegasus Air Force Tanker. LeFiell capabilities also serve the US Defense Markets for all kinds of cylindrical metallic tactical missile cases and sophisticated guided munitions.

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