Our proprietary “Roto-Draw®” tube-forming process was developed and perfected by LeFiell to support the quality standards required to manufacture nozzle coolant tubes for liquid fuel rocket engines. This tapered draw process can produce tubing configurations from .080″” – 2.00″” diameter and from .006″” – .030″” wall over lengths of up to 10-feet.

LeFiell Manufacturing Company has the distinction of being the sole supplier of thrust chamber tubes for every major liquid engine produced in the United States and Japan. For example, the Space Shuttle Main Engine Program specifies a continuous taper over the entire 10-foot length of each tube. The tube’s largest diameter is approximately .300 +/- .001″” with a corresponding .016 +/- .001″” wall thickness which tapers down to a final diameter of .90 +/- .001″” with a .007 +/- .001″” wall thickness.


Over 90 Years Experience allows us to combine our most successful processes in conjunction with new innovative methods