Structures and Systems

LeFiell has a long history of providing structural and systems-related solutions to both the defense and commercial aircraft industries. Beginning in World War II LeFiell provided hundreds of swaged, formed, and machined tubular parts and assemblies to the military aircraft production sites. In the mid-1950s LeFiell provided the first parts for commercial jet-powered aircraft such as the 707 and B-52 bombers.

Since the 1950s LeFiell has participated in all new Boeing commercial aircraft programs and in recent years become a long-term engineering and production partner on Airbus, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Leonardo, and Mitsubishi Aircraft programs. LeFiell now offers turnkey designed products to our customers meeting “Specification Control Drawings” (SCD) requirements manufactured to our exacting specifications as well as “build-to-print” products providing “best in class” total value solutions across a wide variety of metallic tubular products types for dynamic, structural and systems applications.

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LeFiell has a long history of providing structural and systems related solutions to the commercial aircraft industries.

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